Emotional Day! Shift Your Brilliance

Real Estate

Today, myself and my business partner, Wanda Hamilton at the Hamilton Spicer Group and about 100+ Keller Williams Preferred Properties extraordinary Realtors, had the awesome experience of being in the room with Simon T Bailey, author of Shift Your Brilliance, one of a series of other books, which can be found at http://simontbailey.com/books/.

Simon, was engaging right from the word go, he had me and the whole room focused on how our mindset impacts our every day, whether at work, home, or even on vacation.

The day was spent learning, sharing, developing, laughing and even crying our way to Brilliance!

The energy was raw and emotional, the audience was captivated, because Simon had us all feeling and being vulnerable and open about our experiences of life.

This is because Simon has a talent of making people feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in such a large room, where they would open up to ask questions that they would normally reserve for only a few close confidants if they asked it at all, this led to lots of self discovery and beautiful moments amongst colleagues.

So today we are better Realtors than yesterday, you can contact us at 240-737-2752, hamiltonspicergroup@gmail.com, www.HamiltonSpicer.com